Zombie Hand
Zombie Hand creature card
Health 240
Damage Special
Experience 2 XP
Range Special
Difficulty Very Easy or Average
Attributes Hostile, Small, Fast, Slows movement
Loot N/A

Zombie  hands are undead monsters that crawl around various levels of the dungeon. (Note: There is also a second non-monster variety of zombie hand that can be worn as a hat.)

Description Edit

A hand that once belonged to some zombie, this green disembodied part now crawls around on the ground, bone easily visible. The hand greedily seeks to regain its place as a useful limb, so it seeks out living flesh and attempts to attach itself to it. However, the hand lacks a brain to direct it, and it ends up merely latching onto you.

Abilities Edit

Grapples the player, reducing their movement speed and jump height, but doesn't deal any damage.

Watch out as multiple hands can attach to a player and slow them to a complete stop.

Behavior Edit

Crawls around aimlessly on the ground, lunges at any foe it finds and initiates its grapple attack.

History Edit

Kickstarter demo 1 - added to game

Field Notes Edit

As these monsters are more annoying than anything else, its best to 'gather' them by wandering around near them and picking them all up, dispatching them all at once. If you do this, be wary of other monsters in the room and try to avoid them before all the hands are dead - er.. well more dead anyway.