Zombie creature card
Health  ? HP
Damage 20
Experience 1 XP
Range Melee
Difficulty Average
Attributes Hostile, Slow
Loot Zombie Hand

Zombies are undead humanoids that can be found sulking about in the dungeon.

Description Edit

A quintessential undead creature, zombies are slow moving green humanoids dressed in brown rags. 

Abilities Edit

Can spawn a Zombie Hand on death. 

Behavior Edit

Slowly shambles about, constantly stopping to idle. Moves quickly when it spots an enemy, striking at melee range.

History Edit

Information about changes through various patches and updates.

Field Notes Edit

Despite their slow movement speed and low health, zombies do significantly more damage than mummies. Try to avoid them early on or you'll be asking for a swift death. Be especially careful around them when zombie hands are nearby, as when you move as slow as they do; zombies become a much more potent enemy.