Wraith creature card
Health <125
Damage 80(?)
Experience 1 XP
Range Melee+
Difficulty Hard
Attributes Hostile, Flying, Fast
Loot Unknown

Wraiths are undead ethereal monsters that inhabit lower levels of the dungeon.

Description Edit

Wraiths are bluish floating phantasms with red eyes. Because wraiths are transparent, seeing them in low light environments may prove difficult. They are ghostly beings whose vengeful spirits cling to the material realm. As such, wraiths become hell-bent on dragging down other living creatures with them. 

Abilities Edit

Basic Melee attack that causes a high amount of damage. Research needs to be done on this, but they also may have the ability to take away experience points, causing you to delevel.

Behavior Edit

Wraiths tend to fly around above the player. Generally, higher flying ones may not notice you, while lower flying ones are more likely to. They patrol the area they spawn in then quickly fly to their target to engage them in melee range.

History Edit

Alpha Bat - attack range increased

Kickstarter demo 3 - added to the game

Field Notes Edit

  • Due to an update that gave them better melee range, they're one of the most dangerous monsters in the dungeon. Their speed is faster than the player's base speed, have high damage, and can fly, making them immune to lava traps. Your best bet is to use a ranged weapon or magic to defeat them. If you're forced into melee, the War Hammer is a decent option, as well as the Sword of 5k Blades . Fighting them with a Shield significantly reduces their damage, but avoiding them altogether is the best option.
  • The Ultra Wraiths that spawn after a Kitten dies have a much much higher amount of HP, and should be avoided at all costs.
  • An early warning sign of a Wraith's approach is a low-pitch crackling buzz, immediately after which it will swiftly close the gap between itself and its target. Players exploring lower levels of the dungeon would do well to remember this sound and listen carefully for it when entering an unlit room.