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Weapons can deal damage to the various monsters that can be found on the many levels of the dungeon. Currently they can be found lying on the ground or within crates on just about any level. Some weapons that you find may have one or more enchantments when you discover them.

There are two main types of weapons, melee and ranged. There are also spellbooks you can find that allow the player to cast one spell each time that they are used.


Close range weapons that vary in their damage, swing type and speed. Weapons may have enchantments on them.

Weapon Name Weapon Details Weapon Image Equipped
Lantern Found in the tavern. Can be used in last resort. -10

Bad equipment.

Sword Adventurer's starting weapon. Allows for a very slight lunge. +1
Sword Card.png
Gem Sword Similar to the normal sword +4
Gem sword.PNG
Americorn Shield Significant defense boost. A special shield that looks like a unicorn's head and neck, this shield spouts red, white and blue particles like a banner behind the player while equipped. Attacking with the shield causes the player to dash a short distance and the unicorn's head to lean forward. +0
Americorn Shield.png


Axe A mighty axe with a slow swing speed. Dropped by the Orc . +15

Swing forward.

Bastard Sword More powerful than Old Sword, great lunge distance. +20
Bastard Sword.png
Battle Axe Hefty double-sided axe. Powerful and good reach but slow swing speed. Cannot remove zombie hands. +30
Battle Axe.png
Cleaver Cooking instrument. Fast swing speed, low range. +16
Cleaver Card.png

Chop chop!

Code Hammer A big hammer. Has the blue patterns normally seen at the staircases to lower levels. When used to attack, it leaves a circle of electricity that damages any enemies that walk nearby for 10 health. Cannot remove zombie hands. +60
Code Hammer.png

Thora Thorsdotter

Crowbar Doesn't pry, but good blunt instrument. +2
Crowbar Card.png

Let me open that gift for you, Santa!

Danos Blade Short Dagger. -10. Brings you forward considerably with each stab. Blade levels up with your character and also grows in size/reach and power. Also loses power if you switch items away from it; you must keep using it non-stop.
Danos Blade Card.png

Danos Blade

Filth Scepter Imbued with the eternal stink of the Filth Demon (Grim Warrior?) the Filth Scepter is a putrid method of disposing of your foes. However it does not appear to cause confusion as it does when carried by its original owner. +21
Filth Scepter Card.png
Filth Scepter.png
Fire Sword Powerful sword. Hitting enemies will cause them to catch fire that does not affect the player. The glowing blade is an advantage in dark rooms.
Fire Sword Card.png


Giant Sword Gigantic sword, farthest lunge distance. +90
Giant Sword Card.png

Swing away!

Katana A true masterwork, the katana is clearly the best weapon ever created. Go forth to slice and dice your enemies. +45
Katana Card.png
Old Sword More powerful than Basic Sword, slightly farther lunge distance. Dropped by Skeletal Warrior . +15
Old Sword Card.png

Finders keepers!

Pen The pen is mightier than the sword! Well, most swords. You can draw on the walls and yourself by attacking. Short range. +50 HP.

I'll take "The Penis Mightier" for 200, Trebek. What a mess!

Red Glaive Large red-edged axe. If it does not kill on the first blow, red missiles will shoot out of it. +80
Red Glaive Card.png

Red glaive

Saber More powerful than Basic Sword and faster attack speed but very short range. +11
Saber Card.png

Whhr whhr!

Scythe A Grim Reaper 's scythe. Good reach but slow speed. +200
Death's Scythe.png


Shield Significant (+20) defense boost. Can prevent even magic missiles from hitting the player, but it does not make them vanish unless you hit them with the shield. Attacking with a shield causes you to dash a short distance. +0
Shield Card.png

I am protected

Sickle A Sickle similar to those used for farming purposes. Very fast attacking speed, but low reach. +10
Sickle Card.png
Sickle Screenshot.png
Sword of 5k Blades More powerful than Bastard Sword, same lunge distance. Each strike that hits a monster spawns red magic missiles that attack enemies and disappear after a few seconds.
Sword of 5K Blades.png

Sword of 5k Blades

Sultan's Coffee Cup of coffee. Fast swing speed, low range. +15
Sultans Coffee.png

Egyptian coffee, mmmm...

Unicorn Head Hammer A powerful hammer. Drops from unicorns. Cannot remove zombie hands. +185
Unicorn Head Hammer.png
War Hammer Very powerful, but long range only. Cannot remove zombie hands. +60
War Hammer.png

War hammer!

Snake [beta] Dops from the Snake Warlock Boss.

When you hit a enemy with the snake a snake(Ally) wil spawn. +1


Poisonous Spiked Bat [beta] Inflics Poison to the enemy you hit. +18
Poison spike bat.PNG
Tsunaru Blade [Beta] +25
Tsunaru blade.PNG
Crispy Blade


Crispy Bacon.PNG
Grass Blade Creates vines like the "Vine Spellbook". When a monster is held in the vines it can not move anymore, they can still attack!. +15
Grass Blade.PNG
Metal Thing Swings slow. +15
Metal Thing.PNG
Sharp sword +11
Sharp Sword.PNG

*[beta] = Only obtainable in the beta version of the current game


Ranged weaponry allows the player to attack from a distance, but can be tricky to aim. Additionally, ranged weapons cause the player to recoil when fired. Like melee weapons, ranged weapons have have up to two enhancements on them. These weapons are limited to guns at the time of this writing. The guns are usually very powerful, being able to take even the most powerful foes out with only few bullets. 

Weapon Name Weapon Details Weapon Image Equipped
Bazooka Fires large rockets that shoot off horizontally at a rapid pace. They explode on impact doing AOE damage and also throw any mobs they hit up towards the ceiling. Be careful when shooting around walls as one misfire can lead to an explosive death.
Bazooka Card.png

See the fire...

Hear the boom!

Beam Visor Infinite bullets. Shoots laser beams out of the visor. Beams do around 3 to 6. The beams cant seem to hit low stature enemies, but are useful against giant creatures thanks to its fast fire rate and the ability to knock back while shooting.
Beam Visor Card.png
Beam Visor.png
Chicago Typewriter (Tommy Gun) Many bullets (48 and more, the amount is random), high recoil. A good tactic is to spare it until the lowest levels and ascending, as the gun does hundreds of points of damage per bullet. Use it to wipe out high level enemies.
Chicago Typewriter.png


Flame Thrower Shoots flame straight out, that falls to the ground in a ball and smolders if it does not hit anything. Be careful not to shoot it at something too close or it may burn you too.
Flame Thrower.png


Flare gun Shoots out a ball of fire that falls on the ground and burns anything that crosses it, doing gradual damage. Burns out eventually.
Flare Gun Card.png
Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 5.35.21 AM.png
Laser Kitty Like Beam Visor. Slower rate of fire, but twice as powerful
Laser Cat.png

Prrr, prrr

Raygun Infinite bullets. Very rare, high damage.
Ray Gun Card.png

Pyu, Pyu!

Revolver Few bullets (6-9), low recoil.

Pow pow!

Shotgun Low ammo (~5 bullets), high damage.
Shotgun Card.png

This is my BOOMStick!

Mermaid Cannon [Beta] Shoots mermaids that follow the enemy. When they hit anything (Wall, Monster) a mermaid will spawn. So it works just as a spawing ally spellbook.
Mermaid cannon.PNG


Whilst exploring the dungeon, adventurers may stumble upon any number of items that can be used as makeshift weaponry. The following is a list of the assorted miscellaneous weaponry.

Weapon Name Weapon Details Weapon Image Equipped
Powder Keg Powder kegs can be lit by attacks from the player or can be picked up and deployed as desired. Once lit they have a short fuse that lasts no more than 4 seconds and then explodes, dealing damage over a wide area. Monsters can light Powder kegs and some Skeletons carry them.
Powder Keg Card.png

The Powder Keg on the floor and equipped.

Remote Deals no damage, but this item can set off any mechanisms in the room where you find yourself, without having to pull a switch or step on the correct block. Action is not instant, swapping to another item will cancel the activation.
Remote Card.png

What does this button do?

Spray Paint Since they do no damage and add little in the way of stat boosts, Spray Paint is best used to mark areas players have already explored. Doorways can be designated as already scouted and pathways up and down levels can be marked as well. The spray paint can affect monsters and players, it can be washed off under running water. Comes in Red, Blue, and Glow-in-the-Dark.
Spray Paint.png

Glow-in-the-Dark Graffiti

Chainsaw Uses ammo, and classed as a gun, this is a rapid fire melee weapon.
Squirt Gun Does not deal any damage but it stops fire.
Squirt Gun.PNG

Class Specific Weapons[]

Each class has 1, or more, specific weapons related to them. Anything from a gun, staves, swords, or even pets.

Weapon Name Weapon Details Weapon Image Equipped
Skeleton Glove Necromancer only. +10 damage, very low attack range. If this weapon happens to kill an enemy, it will spawn a skeleton under the command of the Necromancer. Unlike normal skeletons you can summon, these will follow you room to room.
Skele glove.png
Skeleton Glove skeleton.png
Wizard Staff Wizard only. Spawns slow, blue projectiles that do ~31 damage. Attacking immediately after shooting a missile will do a melee attack (exactly like Punch).
Staff icon.png
Magic missle.png