Vampire Boss
I smell blood!
Health  ?hp
Damage  ?
Experience  ?
Range Melee
Difficulty Medium
Attributes Hostile, Bat Form, Boss, Floor 3
Loot Gold, blood red potion

A blood-thirsty vampire that can be found on floor 3 and sometimes deeper in the Dungeon

Description Edit

A pale skinned, light haired figure with glowing red eyes that stand out in the darkness.  It is dressed in a blood red robe and black cape and carries a cane and a glass of bloody red wine (as shown on the new STEAM card).

Abilities Edit

The vampire has two distinct attack phases.  Upon noticing you, he will start moving towards you to attack - during this phase he is impervious to damage .The second phase begins when the vampire lifts its arms and transforms into a streaming flow of bats.  These bats are similar to normal bats in the damage they do and the amount of exp they drop, however they have purple/black wings and the same glowing red eyes as their master.

Behavior Edit

Slowly walks around until sighting a foe.  He then makes a clear sound indicating his notice and moves in to attack, initiating the first phase of the battle.

Field Notes Edit

The only way to defeat the vampire is to kill most of these bats (confirmation needed as to exact number, but it appears that victory can be achieved if there are only 1-3 bats remaining).  This is preferably done as fast as possible because if enough bats remain after around 45 seconds (confirmation needed) of fighting or if you are too far away from the remaining bats (confirmation needed) they will reform back into the vampire and return to phase one.  It is worthy of note that once phase two begins the second time, you will only have to fight the bats that remained after the first round.  After most (see above) bats have been defeated, there is a delay of around 8 seconds (confirmation needed) and a large amound of coins, exp and, usually, a blood red potion will drop from the same spot that the vampire entered into bat form.

History Edit

-Added in Alpha Nymph

-Endless bats were fixed in Alpha Nymph II 

-Dying outside of the room was fixed in Beta Orc

-Vampire not re-aggroing after bats fixed in Beta Skeleton

Bat Form

Phase 2