Slime creature card
Health 25 HP
Damage 6
Experience 2 XP
Range Melee
Difficulty Average
Attributes Hostile, Slow
Loot None

Slimes are amorphous monsters that can be found wandering in the mid to lower levels of the dungeon.

Description Edit

Slimes are small animated blobs of green ooze. It is unknown how they were created, but a small skull can be seen in the center, where a head would be. Don't let their slow speed fool you; these creatures are surprisingly durable and can deal decent damage.

Abilities Edit

They collect items as they move across them--coins, apples, potions, and beer--and will drop these items when they are killed.

Behavior Edit

Slowly slushes around until finding a foe, then it oozes into melee range to attack.

Field Notes Edit

It's best to keep these slimy foes in melee range; they're too small to be fired at with range weapons. Slimes are slow however, so kiting them is effective.

Also come in more dangerous Blood Slime  form.

History Edit

- Kickstarter demo 1 - added to the game

- Fixed pressure pad/door attraction in Alpha Nymph

- Nerfed in Beta Orc