The following is the (semi)canon story of the Legend of Dunegon:

"As you and your compatriats come upon the entrance to the dingy old tavern , you all get that chill up your spine, that chill that says 'There's something here'. As you descend, you see a host of colorful characters, all getting drunk. There's a wizard, reading his tome of magical spells. A bard sits in the corner, writing new ballads. A dwarf stumbles around, drunk off his little dwarven ass. You walk up to the bartender with your friends. 'You guys don't look familiar... you must be new. But you also look... capable. How about I make you a little... proposition?' You and your friends are puzzled. Yes, you are seasoned adventurers, that is not hard to see, but a proposition? From a shady bartender? You all look nervously at each other, but agree to hear him out. 'Good, good. See that staircase over there?' He points out an old stone stairwell, leading down into a dark abyss. 'This tavern was built over an old dungeon. Don't look at me, it was the previous owner's fault. Anyway, I keep hearing noises down there, and I think them monsters are moving about. I hear that there's supposed to be an immense treasure down there too. So here's my offer: you take care of the monsters, and you keep all the loot you find below.' You look at your friends, and they all have a glimmer of excitement in their eyes. Monsters? Treasure? ADVENTURE? You look back to the bartender, and nod your head excitedly. 'Heh, good on you! Here, take any of the supplies in the bar. Also, feel free to use the shitter before you go - could be a long trip.' You and your friends grab a nearby lantern, and gear up for the most exciting adventure in a lifetime."