Mummy creature card
Health ~250
Damage ~25
Experience 3 XP
Range Melee
Difficulty Easy
Attributes Hostile, Slow
Loot Unknown

Mummies are undead humanoid monsters that reside in the upper-mid levels of the dungeon.

Description Edit

A variant of an undead creature, mummies are bandage-wrapped humanoids that reside in the dungeon. These ancient creatures' bandages are a faded light brown color. They are slow moving, simple creatures that are relatively easy to deal with.

Abilities Edit

Their melee attack will have a random chance to do one of the following:

  • Reduce your current item's stats.
  • Add the Clumsy enchantment to your item.
  • Cause permanent -1 to your defense.

Behavior Edit

Shambles around aimlessly until it finds a foe. Moves slowly at its target to attack in melee.

Alpha Nymph modified Mummys in an interesting way: Mummys wont attack players, if they are wearing the Khat. Also, getting close to Mummys while wearing the Khat makes the Mummy friendly to ALL players of the party.

History Edit

Kickstarter demo 1 - added to the game

Field Notes Edit

Their bandages act like a kind of restrictive armor, as their damage is weaker than that of zombies but they are more durable. Be careful around them when zombie hands are nearby, as when you move as slow as they do, mummies become a much more potent enemy.