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Monster is a term used to describe the many creatures that have taken up residence within the many floors of the dungeon. These creatures take on a variety of different forms, ranging from the smallest tiny Bats to the massive Cyclopses. Filled with malice, these creatures will attempt to slay you on sight, using whatever power they have at their disposal. In order to conquer the dungeon, gain the treasure and complete your quest, you will be forced to kill or avoid many of them.

Melee Monsters[]

These monsters can only harm the player by direct contact using close ranged attacks such as bites or melee weapons.

Monster Monster Details In-Game Hp/Dmg Special Abilities

One of the most common enemies in the beginning of the dungeon, Bats fly around an area until they see the player, then emit a high pitched squek and flay directly towards their target. They have long vision range. Vampire Bosses also spawn Bats that look a little different but act the same when attacking.

10 Hp

4 Dmg


Another low level, common enemy, Snakes scoot around the room and change directions after a short pause. If they see the player they will rush over to bite them. Snakes have a short range of vision.

40 Hp

1 Dmg

Often drops apples
Leprechaun Leprechaun

Leprechauns are green skinned small creatures that scurry around the upper levels of the dungeon. These creatures are a bit tricky to chase down, but are practically harmless.

(?) Hp

(?) Dmg

Picks up Gold
GoblinSpawn of the legendary Goblin King, these little green heathens run shirtless and wild in the dungeon, annoyingly whapping any unsuspecting adventurers in the knees.
40 Hp

1 Dmg

Picks up Potions
Zombie Hand

Seen as small green hands running around the dungeon floor on their own, these quick monsters will scurry around a room until they find a target to latch onto. Once attached they slow a player down and restrict their movement. More than one hand can grab hold of a player, bringing them to a full stop. They do no damage on their own but will cause problems if other monsters are around to attack while the player is stopped. Free EXP as the creators say.

Zombie Hand.PNG
240 Hp

0 Dmg

Slows Player

Skeletons run around flailing their arms, stopping every now and then to look around. When they see a player they charge and swing their arms to attack. Short range vision. Move in a left-right pattern, starting opposite from the direction they ended last time.

40 Hp

5 Dmg

Pirate Skeleton Pirate Skeletons mimic the behavior of their original counterparts, and share the same stats. They come with the addition of a rustic Pirate hat, and they smell like a smoky saloon.
40 Hp

5 Dmg

Drops Pirate Hat
Skeletal Warrior

Skeleton Warriors have more health, and do more damage due to the armor they wear and swords they carry. They will patrol an area, walking back and forth between points, stopping to look around for players. When they see a player they will charge and start attacking with their swords. Medium vision range.

Skeletal Warrior.PNG
150 Hp

3 Dmg

Drops his Sword
Tiny Blob Tiny Blobules

Appears when normal blobs are killed.

Little blov.PNG
5 Hp

2 Dmg

Pick up items
Blob Blob

These Slimy creatures pick all items up as they pass over them and once killed, the items drop, and he splits into smaller slimes.

40 Hp

6 Dmg

Pick up items


Zombies are slow moving, normal going back and forth in a small area. Their attacks do 20 points of damage and they can sense players behind them at a close range. Short range vision.

40 Hp

22 Dmg

Street Cone Zombie

Street Cone Zombie

A zombie wearing an orange cone on its head, giving it resistence to more damage though still just as slow and powerful as the rest. Can sense players behind it from a short distance and attacks at close range.

40 Hp

22 Dmg

Ducky Zombie Ducky Zombie

These zombies walk around with a Yellow Ducky Tube around it's waist. They have the same stats as the rest, but the look a little goofier!

40 Hp

22 Dmg


These slow moving monsters walk back and forth in a small area until they find a player. A ding will be heard when they spot a target and they will begin to slowly move towards it. Their damage is great so don't let them reach you. Short range of vision, can easily lose a player and stop following if our of range. Takes a lot of hits.

250 Hp

25 Dmg

Nymph Nymph

Passive magical creatures wandering around in the all dephs of the Dungeon. They do not attack you, but if you attack them they will chase you and touch you.

When you get hit by them, the player falls asleep making it one of the enemies to be handled with caution.

When she hits you, she will stop attacking you.

100 Hp

16 Dmg

Sets player asleep
Satyr Satyr

Passive Monsters as long as you dont hit them.

When he hits you he will loose aggo and stop attacking.

? Hp

16 Dmg

Sets player asleep

Green men wearing horned helmets carrying axes. They patrol frequently, move swiftly and attack charging line of sight. Medium HP,/Damage.

(?) Hp

6 Dmg

Drops Helm and axe


Poses as an angelic statue then attacks players a short distance away. Usually found standing upon stone blocks raised above the floor.Their attacks hit fast and they have a fair amount of health. Be careful around lava pits, they like to push.

250 Hp

6 Dmg

Executor Executor

Passive, as long you keep distance. They tend to start moving quickly and attack the player with his giant axe.

300 Hp

12 Dmg

Bombling Bombling

Little Bombs walking around, but are not very dangerous as long as not harmed.

Once You hit them they will light up and explode after a few seconds, dealing 30 Dmg

300 Hp Expodes for 35 Dmg
Troll Troll

He is just a lonly little troll, dealing moderate damage.

300 Hp

12 Dmg


"I'm feeling watched by a dark presence"

They are big and deal alot damage. When fighting them it is recommended to get them stuck in a 1 tile wide space (see the picture on the right) and shoot him with any range weapon.

Cyclps tactic.PNG
500 Hp

19 Dmg

Tiny Blood Blob Tiny Blood Blobules appear when Blood Blobs are defeated.
Little blood.PNG
80 Hp

6 Dmg

Blood Blob Blood Blob

A corrupted Blob, imbued with malevolent blood magic.

Blood Blob.PNG
200 Hp

9 Dmg

Pick up items
Gorgon Gorgon

Half women, half snake. How does she stand upright?

100 Hp

11 Dmg

Saps Speed on hit (?)
ImpThese little demons romp around like Goblins, but they're out for blood. Watch out for their pink glow!
(?) Hp

20 Dmg

Succubs Succubs

Female seduction demons that sap physical strength upon contact. Bow before the scantily clad Master!

100 Hp

15 Dmg

Sap strength

-1 on hit

Filth Demon Filth Demon

These fumbling monstrosities emit nasty BO fumes, and wield a staff, imbued with magical stench powers.

350 Hp

2 Dmg

Inflicts Confusion
Tormentor Tormentor

Aerial monsters, similar to beholders, that float above the ground and chase any adventurers they may see.

Large aggro range.

360 Hp

25 Dmg

6 Def

Hell Bat Hell Bat

Flying rats straight outta Hades. Lights adventurers on fire. It is recommended to stand near waterfalls whilst battling these beasts.

Lava Bat.PNG
10 Hp

10 Dmg

Inflicts Fire
Ghost Ghost

Spoopy floating ghoastes! Weak, but terrifying! Aaaaaah!

10 Hp

5 Dmg


Spoopy ethereal beings, which possess dark Blood Magic. With terrifyingly fast speed, and a great aggro range, it is recommended to avoid these creatures entirely.

125 Hp

54 Dmg

Drains max HP on hit.
Kitten Wraith

Legendarily powerful beings, summoned by the destruction of a Kitten's soul. Their retribution will be swift, and their retribution will be deadly.

Kitten Wraith.PNG

64 Dmg

Run away.
Gloom Gloom

Not offensive, but tanky. Even though they have a large health pool, they only deal a maximum of 5 damage.

500 Hp

5 Dmg

Arasmas Arasmas

Mysterious creatures from the depths of the Dungeon.

They have no intent to harm the adventurers, but are trained in lethal martial arts, and will strike with precision blows if angered. They also pick up apples that lie on the ground, so be cautious while trading with other adventurers.

400 Hp

20? Dmg

Enchanted Skeleton Enchanted SkeletonDemonically resurrected with highly advanced Blood Magic, these beings possess incredible physical attributes.
Enchanted skeleton.PNG
750 Hp

75 Dmg

Droid Droid

Quick, hostile surveyors of the Dungeon's depths. They are seen sparsely in the lower levels, or may be constructed by a Robot Boss.

340 Hp

12 Dmg

Owlicopter Owlicopter

Small, intricate machines, that mimic strange beaked creatures. Can turn it's head 720 Degrees!

300 Hp

4 Dmg

Robot Robot

Simple automatons, armored with thick metal plating. They will slowly patrol an area, and have a small aggro range. They seem to emit black smoke when angered.

1000 Hp

7 Dmg

Drops 80 xp
Deep Minotaur Terrifying variants of the average Minotaur, encountered in the lower depths of the Dungeon. They possess far greater physical attributes, with a darker coloration. Upon slaying said beast, it will produce a small vial of thick sludge, promptly named "The Strength of the Minotaur".

The Difference between Minotaur(left) and Deep Minotaur(right).

750 Hp

120? Att

Eye Eye

Agile wanderers of the Dungeon depths, these strange creatures seem to manipulate Shadow Magic to traverse the landscape. They possess incredible offensive and defensive capabilities, and summon Green Skulls when injured. It's best to avoid these creatures unless you wield a powerful weapon, as the skulls can easily overwhelm a low level adventurer.

400 Hp

52 Dmg

7 Def

Fires Green Skulls when attacked.
Grim Reaper

Dark, ancient dwellers of the Dungeon, which exist simply to harvest the souls of any adventurers which may pass by. While extremely challenging, they possess some of the most powerful loot in the game, namely, the Scythe and Grim Reaper Spell Book.

1500 Hp

120-150 Dmg

Wolf Appear in rooms as only entities, just as chickens. Hostile. Can be patted and hearts appear, but they still do damage. Pettable allies, attack on sight.
Bear Can be patted and hearts appear, but they still do damage. Pettable allies, attack on sight. Quite strong.
Kitten Kitten

While they may seem innocent, the power that lies within the soul of a Kitten is unthinkable.

Upon dying, a party of 9 Ultra Wraiths will emerge, with the sole intent to destroy everything in their path. These little cuties may be killed by other Dungeon life, and can be picked up, and equipped as headwear, strangely enough.


Ranged Monsters[]

These monsters can release projectiles which can directly harm the player, generally magic missiles.

Monster Monster Details In-Game Hp/Dmg Special Abilities
Peashooter These plant creaures are rooted to the ground, generally facing one direction. Once they see a player they start firing off green magic missiles skulls that seek the player and do damage on contact. The skulls can be destroyed before contact is made to avoid damage. Peashooters have a medium vision range and can turn to face enemies if attacked.
(?) Hp

6 Dmg

Gamekid Gamekid

From the far reaches of existence, these strange mechanical beings hold a spark of magical creativity within them, capable of summoning monsters and items alike out of the void. May be befriended with extensive petting.

250 Hp

6 Dmg

Spawns a random Item/Monster when killed.

Ancient spellcasters, that have exchanged their souls for a bloodpact with the residents of the Dungeon. They use a standard Green Skull spellbook, but should be taken out quickly if angered, as their skulls can easily overwhelm the adventurers.

May drop their Spellbook on death.

500 Hp

41 Dmg

Fires Green Magic skulls.
Evil Warlock Evil WarlockElder Warlocks, that have trained under the dark path of Blood Magic to enhance their sorcery. Fires deadly Red Skulls at adventurers. It is suggested to avoid these beings unless you possess great weaponry.

May drop their spellbook on death.

Evil Warlock.PNG
500 Hp

79 Dmg

Fires Deadly Red Magic skulls.
Snake Wizard Devilish sorcerers, that have studied Snakecraft, and possess the skill to summon entire hoards of slithery beasts. Not as threatening as the previously mentioned Warlocks, but they can be annoying in large rooms.

Shaved that wicked beard, as well.

Snake mage.PNG
600 Hp

0 Dmg

Spawns Snakes
Poison Warlock Another strange variant of the Warlock-kind, these Sorcerers wield Skulls imbued with Toxic Gas, which poison hit adventurers, rather than dealing direct damage.
Poison warlock.PNG
500 Hp

1 Dmg

Inflicts Poison
Fire Warlock Much like the Poison Warlock, these Magic Wielders use a spell of equal power, which simply lights the adventurers on fire, rather than poisoning them.
Fire warlock.PNG
500 Hp

1 Dmg

Inflicts Fire

Boss Monsters[]

These are no ordinary monsters. They are far superior in both strength and methods of attack compared to the normal monsters, however, they give much greater reward.

They only count as Boss when they spawn on their special Floor. It happens that they spawn somewhere deeper in the dungeon, but then they do not count as boss.

Boss monster leave a fountain of gold behind when they die.

Monster Name Monster Details Monster Hp/Dmg Special Abilities
Mother Slime Giant amalgamates of the Blob-kind, which spawn many Blobs upon being defeated. Encountered on Floor 1.
Big slime.PNG
100 Hp

6 Dmg

Summons Blobs when defeated. Picks up dropped items.
Snake Warlock Boss An advanced variant of the Snake Wizards, which possess much more potent means of Snakecraft. Drops a Snake Spellbook, or Snake Melee weapon upon death. Encountered on floor 2. 500 Hp Spawns Snakes
Vampire Boss Vampire Boss

Spawns on Floor 3

Immune to damage in his charming human form, he strolls around, before transforming into a giant swarm of Vampire Bats. all Bats must be defeated before the boss is slain.

? Hp

(?) Dmg

Drops Potions on death.
Beholder Beholder

Spawns on Floor 5

Behaves like a Tormentor, but spawns small tentacled minions in large swarms.

400 Hp

25 Dmg

Spawns Minions
Lich King

Spawns of Floor 6

The Lich King possesses Dark Magic, and summons Skeletons to do his bidding. He also wields a standard shortsword. Not as impressive as Arthas, though...

Lich King.PNG
(?) Hp

(?) Dmg

Spawns Skeletons
Goblin King Goblin King

Spawns on Floor 7

Parades about with his large belly, wielding a Goblin Scepter. He is physically weaker than most bosses, but his army may take down some weaker adventurers.

Gobln king.PNG
300 Hp

(?) Dmg

Pharao Pharao

Spawns on Floor 9

Spawns Mummies in abundance.

Drops a Pharao Mask upon death.

(?) Hp

(?) Dmg

Spawns Mummys


Spawns on Floor 10.

Minotaurs are giant powerful creatures that wander through the middle levels of the dungeon, they will swing their giant glaive at any opponents that dare show themselves to them.

Note: There is a different Minotaur deeper in the Dungeon. Do not confuse them with Deep Minotaurs!

Deep Minotaur.PNG

He is pretty much stuck

750 Hp

80 Dmg

Big Blood Blob On Floor 13 beware, for a giant Blood Blob mother resides. Within it's body lies a powerful Enchanted Skeleton, which, along with a horde of Blood Blobs, is summoned on death. Run from this creature if you are of a low level.
Mother blob.PNG
Summons Blood Blobs and an Enchanted Skeleton on Death.
Unicorn Unicorn

Spawns on floor 14

This beast possesses legendary Rainbow powers, which it uses to propel itself via it's magical anus. This creature defies physics, and all laws of gravity, and may, at any point, pass through solid objects, such as walls. Drops the Unicorn Head Hammer upon death.

1200 Hp

25 Dmg

Very fast!
Devil Devil

Spawns on Floor 18.

The depraved Lord of the Underworld, which carries around a massive bloodied hammer. Upon striking with this great hammer, a portal from Hades opens, and Succubi, Filth Demons, Imps, and Hellbats come forth. Drops the Summon Succubus Spell Book.

1000 Hp

(?) Dmg

Spawns Monster each time he swings his hammer
Robot Robot

Spawns on floor 22

A grand mechanical creation, capable of producing Robots and Droids at will. This creature may be farmed for infinite experience, as the Robots it spawns drop 80 XP each, but it is said that a Goblin will personally jump through your screen and slap you if you commit such a sin.

2000 Hp


Spawns Robots and Droids
Giant Skull Giant Skull

Spawns on floor 26

The absolute ultimate in Magical prowess. A being of pure malice and death, the Giant Skull flies evasively around the Dungeon, firing eldritch Violet Skulls, and summoning giant parties of 10 Enchanted Skeletons. Nothing matches it's unthinkable power.

Giant skull.PNG

(?) Dmg

300 Def


Passive Monsters[]

When you are exploring your Dungeon you will sometimes find Monsters that will help you. They attack aggressive Monsters and when you hit them they won't attack you.

Monster Name Monster Details Monster
Gerbil Low Attack. The Gerbil can also be used as a Hat. On your Head he throws nuts that can confuse your enemy.
Garoof the Goat Garoof the Pygmy Goat may be befriended, and helps the adventurers on their travels.
Unicow A legendary being, only seen when the Gods of Twitch may be so kind to gift one upon you. Farts a lot...
Bruiser A giant crocodile wrestler, which may be hired for 1000g.
Kyle the Keg Dwarf It's Kyle the Keg Dwarf! You must find her to understand her secrets, child!