Lich King
Lich creature card
Health  ? HP
Damage ~25
Experience  ?
Range Melee (Special)
Difficulty Hard
Attributes Hostile, Fast, Boss, Caster, Floor 6
Loot Crown (very powerful hat), spell book (summon or missile)

The Lich King is an undead boss monster found on Floor 6.

Description Edit

The Legendary Lich King was a powerful magus who sought immense power above all. Though he gained immense power, it came at the cost of his body as he became a wretched rotting corpse. Although he was reduced to bones, the Lich King is still an extremely powerful adversary. He retains much of his magical power, which allows him to summon up undead armies at will. It is his magics that accidentally awoke many of the Skeletal Warriors that have been scattered throughout the dungeon. Additionally, his swordplay is formidable despite the lack of musculature behind it.

Abilities Edit

Can summon in endless Skeletons and Skeletal Warriors . No other abilities beyond summoning and the basic melee attack.

Behavior Edit

Tends to idly patrol the area for awhile. If the player is in the room and doesn't engage the Lich King in combat, it begins to summon Skeletons and Skeletal Warriors. Striking the Lich may in some cases interrupt the summoning. If approached in melee, the Lich King will fight back with its sword, stopping if it starts losing to summon allies.

History Edit

Kickstarter demo 1 - added to the game

Field Notes Edit

Rushing in might work to your favor, as he tends to wait and honor you a chance at a duel before summoning his skeletal minions. If left alone, he summons Skeletal Warriors and Skeleton at an alarming rate. He is a capable melee combatant, but he's much harder to defeat when backed by his army of skeletons.