Health  ? hp
Damage 10
Experience 3
Range Melee
Difficulty Easy
Attributes Long range aggro, Fast Flying, Glowing
Loot  ?

Hellbats are flying animal monsters that reside in the dungeon's lower levels.

Description Edit

Hellbats are small flying creatures that resemble winged rats. They are more powerful versions of the standard bats. Hellbats are generally found on lower levels of the dungeon; as opposed to normal bats, which can be found on the first floor. 

Abilities Edit

Give off faint natural light. Swoops down to use a basic melee attack.

Behavior Edit

Swiftly patrols in the air faster than standard bats while trailing embers behind it, swooping down at any enemy it locates.

History Edit

Alpha Cyclops - particles changed from purple recolor to faint hellish light. Returned to standard grey coloring. Kickstarter demo 1 - added to the game

Field Notes Edit

Taking down a hellbat isn't much different than taking down a normal bat, with the exception that hellbats are significantly faster. Use the same method to take down a bat; take a couple steps back and wait for them to come to you.