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Hats are a kind of item that can be equipped to the head slot as a form of protective gear. Hats can receive up to three random enhancements upon generation. There are many different kinds of hats, ranging from animal hats to modern helmets. Wearing a hat changes the player's appearance appropriately. It is possible to take advantage of two separate hats' enhancements by equipping one while holding another.

Here is a list of all of the current available hats in game.

Hat Name Hat Details Hat Image Equipped
Bumble Lord Crown A living hat, and full of bees. From time to time a bee will come out and fly around. Bees will stay close by you but stay in the room where they came out. Each bee deals 1 point of damage to monsters (and to you once you remove the hat). Some low-level monsters can even be killed after a few stings. (Warning, this hat is still a bit 'buggy' and bees will ocasionally attack other players on multiplayer)
Bumble Lord Crown.png


Bunny Band Ever wanted to jump like a bunny? Well wear a pair of bunny ears and ask yourself why you are wearing a bunny hat in the middle of the dungeon.
Bunny Band.png

Looking for Easter Eggs!

Cake Hat Nothing better than a Cake hat to celebrate your birthday, it comes with a pre-lit candle! (it doesn't light up much though).
Cake Hat.png

The cake is a lie!

Coffee Mug For a brisk pick-me-up, this will make you extra speedy.
Coffee Mug Hat.png

This is definitely not decaffeinated!!!

Crown Obtain this crown from killing a Lich King. Tends to be quite high in defense.
Crown Card.png

Crown from Lich King

Cthulhu Hat A green squid like head with red eyes and several tentacles. It makes you feel really evil.
Cthulhu Hat.png

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Deer Hat A brown hood that resembles a reindeer head. It has black eyes and reindeer antlers on it.
Deer Hat.png


Dragon Helm Heavy, and does not breathe fire.
Dragon Helm.png


Duck Hat A yellow hat resembling a duck head. It has black eyes an orange duck bill.
Duck Hat.png

Kwack Kwack

Evil Koala Hat A hat resembling the head of a koala with creepy red glowing eyes.
Evil Koala Hat.png

Koala hat

Feathered Hat A long cap adorned with a white feather. Comes in various colors, from blue to brown. The Bard in the Tavern is wearing one.
Feathered Hat.png

Feels bardic.

Fedora and Goggles A familiar-looking brown cap with goggles resting on the brim. It makes you feel adventurous.
Fedora & Goggles.png


Fez This hat from Morocco features a golden tassel. Tatlım merhaba!
Fez Card.png


Fish Hat A hat made from a bluefin tuna, where the mouth of the fish is placed over your head. It leaves a trail of bubbles that float upward. Not sure why you're wearing a fish on your head though..
Fish Hat Card.png

Smells fishy.

Flaming Cowboy Hat While the hat does not light up a dark room much, the flames do trail behind players as they run about.
Flaming Cowboy Hat.png


Gerbil Wear your gerbil as a hat, and it will hurl nut husks at monsters, sending them eventually into confusion.
Gerbil Card.png

Pet gerbil

Goblin Hat Makes you run fast, because of the shame (you wouldn't want anyone to see you with the hat, do you?).
Goblin Hat.png

I can play tricks too.

Goblin Hat (holiday version) During the holiday season, goblins get festive!
Festive Hat.png


Hood Not quite a hoodie, this hood has a stripe down the center.


Khat Can be used to befriend a Mummy .
Pharaohs Khat.png

Egyptian coffee, hmmm...

Kitsune Mask Kitsune is Japanese for fox. You learned something new today, you sly kitsune.
Kitsune Mask.png


Kitten Not to be confused with the Kitty Hat, this is a delightful orange cat that can be found wandering the dungeon. Unlike most hats, this one has a life total. It is possible for a player to kill a kitten before it is picked up. If this happens a mob of wraiths will be summoned to kill you.
Kitten Card.png


Kitty Hat An adorable blue hat resembling a kitten's head. It even comes with kitty ears!
Kitty Hat.png

Kitty Hat

Kizler Helmet Keep your noggin whole by wearing this classy Kizler!
Kizler Helmet.png
Kizler Hat.jpg
Knight Helm An iron helmet adorned with fancy red plumage.
Knight helm.png

I'm a gun-knight!

Leprechaun Hat Drops from leprechauns. The buckle on the front is real gold.
Leprechaun Hat Card.png

Top o' the mornin!

Mage Turban A head-wrap worn by self-respecting mages. It is made up of red colored cloth and a blue strip down the center. The Wizard in the Tavern is wearing one.
Mage Turban Card.png

Mage turban

Magnet Hat

If you aren't satisfied with donning light science on your head, now you can wear this experiment in electromagnetic science! It's a large and powerful magnet, and can draw all items in the room towards you.

Beware: items may fall in lava thus becoming hard to pickup. Look out before using the Magnet, or use the Magnet in your hand upon need.

Magnet Hat.png

Feel like Magneto!

Miner's Helmet A yellow construction helmet with a light strapped to the top. It lights an area in the direction player is facing.
Miners helmet.png

Onward, further into the abyss!

Muskateer's Hat All for one and one for all! This hat embodies the true spirit of group dungeon delving.
Muskateers Hat.png
Muskateer's Hat.png
Oculus Rift Virtual reality is back! Put on your glasses and enjoy the ultra high definition graphics, it has even more resolution than the real life!.
Oculus Rift Card.png

It looks sooo real!

Orc Helmet A brown, horned helmet. It is the same one as the one worn by the Orc monsters.
Orc Helm.png

Hand Crafted!

Party Hat Celebrate the fun with this party hat. Confetti swirls out of it, surrounding you with sparkle. Can even brighten up a dark room!
Party Hat.png


Penguin When you find a penguin, cool down your head by wearing this arctic bird.

Happy head

Pirate Hat A typical red pirate hat. It is usualy worn by the pirate skeletons and can only be obtained from them.
Pirate Hat.png

AArr'll be takin' yer booty!

Plasma Ball Hat A sphere containing purple electric plasma so that you can WEAR SCIENCE! Can light up a small area around the wearer.
Plasma Ball Hat.png


Rogue Hood Normal dark green hood. When worn monsters will be less likely to engage you. Their line of sight to you is decreased, allowing you to slip by them easier.
Rogue Hood.png

Is that yours?

Safari Hat A functional hat that provides complete coverage from the sun. Very useful inside a dungeon.
Safari Hat.png

Safari Hat

Sakkat Be ready for your next samurai face off. This woven hat makes you rather mysterious.
Sakkat Screenshot.png
Sexy Trex Wear this hat just because.
Sexy Trex Card.png

Wearing this hat will make you a sexual tyrannosaurus!

Skull Mask A skeletal visage with a strap on the back for comfort when attaching it to your head.
Skull Mask.png

Skull mask

Star Hat Look extremely dashing as Star Power protects you from the onslaught of quotidian dungeon life.

Seems to be the best hat in the game, +20 att, +40 def (Unconfirmed). It also shines, a little bit less then a lantern.

Star Hat Card.png

I am protected

Steampunk Top Hat This hat is smoking and leaves a trail of fumes above the top of the hat, whether on a player or on the ground. Also the top hat has goggles around it. The smoke it gives off can block off the top of the screen fairly easily, making it difficult for you and other players to see behind it.
Steampunk Tophat.png


Sultan Hat This hat is the same as worn by the Sultan in the Tavern. Wear alone (or while carrying the Sultan's Coffee) and move nimbly around the dungeon.
Sultan Hat.png

Sultan Hat

Top Hat A simple black top hat with a red ribbon on it. Fancy that!
Top Hat Card.png

Layton style!

Turbo Shatner 2000 Have you ever wanted to look like William Shatner? Now you can, with the new and improved Turbo Shatner 2000 headpiece! Call now and we'll throw in an autographed copy of our Best of Shatner DVD Collection!
Turbo Shatner 2K.png

Beam me up, Scotty!

Virtualkid Headset The virtual headset lets you see everything as though it were really there! (Based on Nintendo's not so successful 'Virtual Boy')
VirtualKid Card.png

Virtual headset

Wolf Mask So, you like to howl at the moon, now you can do it properly with the wolf mask, since it will cover your face people will not know it is you.

Allows you to approach wolves in an attempt to befriend them.

Wolf Mask.png

I am the Alpha!

Zombie Hand Zombie hands will sometimes drop from zombies as hat-hands of protection. They might even help protect from Zombie attacks--further investigation is required--though they won't prevent other hands from sticking to your face...
Zombie Hand.png

Zombie Hands can make a frightening statement!