Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper creature card
Health ~1500(?)
Damage ~150(?)
Experience 1 XP
Range Melee
Difficulty Hard
Attributes Hostile, Light
Loot Grim Reaper Spellbook, Scythe

The Grim Reaper is an undead skeletal monster that inhabits the lower levels of the dungeon.

Description Edit

Colloquially known as Harvesters of Souls, Grim Reapers are frightful entities of Death. A hood black as the darkest night hides his skeletal body. It carries a vicious scythe in one hand and a lantern similar to the player's in the other.

Abilities Edit

Merely one swing of their unholy scythes is usually enough to draw all of the life energy out of a living being.

Behavior Edit

Idly patrols until it spots an enemy. Makes an audible sound when moving towards its target, swinging until it claims the life of its target.

Field Notes Edit

Armed with a lantern in order to draw creatures to its light, this formidable monster should be avoided unless you fancy yourself a death wish. Your best bet here is to run, but if you really want to try to match arms with a Grim Reaper ranged attacks or magic are best if you have the patience. Be warned that despite similar appearances to the other various Skeletons in the dungeon, it is extremely difficult to cut through their significant amount of health and slay a Grim Reaper.

If you're lucky enough to have found a Shield in your travels, then you posess one of the strongest weapons against Death. The Grim Reaper cannot attack through your sheild enabling you to box it in small hallways or just have bumping matches with him until he dies.

Polymorph spell can be your saviour if the Grim Reaper stands in front of the stairs or blocks your way in any other way. With good luck you may be able to turn him into a very low level monster, and kill him with without any effort.

History Edit

- Kickstarter demo 1 - added to the game

- Made more scary in Alpha Imp

- Made more rare in Alpha Jelly

- Made worse in Beta Orc

- Made more scary in Version Unicorn