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Health 5250 hp
Damage 50
Experience  ? XP
Range Ranged
Difficulty Hard
Attributes Hostile, Flying, Very Fast
Loot  ?

A large cat-like eyeball floating over a body of black smoke found in deeper levels or behind wall traps on any level.


The Eye is one of the most enduring monsters in Legend of Dungeon.  It moves faster than the player and produce green magic missles whenever damaged. If at all possible, attack them from higher ground such as up a large staircase or from a high window ledge with summons and magic missiles.  If you have a long range meele weapon, you can attack through a doorway if it paths close enough to you.  Your best bet for survival is finding some way around them, unless you have an extremely powerful tool at your disposal.

They are also deadly when lurking in dark rooms, because of their entirely black body.

Strategies for DefeatEdit

Due to its daunting amount of health and high damage potential, it should either be completely avoided or handled with trickery.

  • Kiting the Eye into lava is a pretty good universal strategy. You do miss out on quite a bit of experience, but you live to fight another day. Despite the fact that the Eye visually floats off the ground, it does get affected by gravity and will fall into lava without being able to climb out. However, watch out for its magic missiles that may sprout from the lava. Using a dead character's ghost to push the Eye into lava is also a good idea.
  • The Polymorph spell is probably the second best option, given you have enough time to prepare the spellcasting, and tha you don't miss. Consider using summons or a dead character's ghost to lure the Eye away while you aim.
  • Ranged Attacks with an army of summons are always effective. Though best pulled off with two players, summoning monster after monster is a great way to whittle down its health while keeping your distance. Keep in mind it will produce a magic missle every time it is damaged, regardless of source. So if five skeletons hit it, it will produce five magic missles in response.
  • Shield - Possibly the only useful melee weapon in the game (for its close combat purposes) will serve in dispatching this horrible foe. The Eye is unable to do damage to you while the shield is out, letting you get free hits on it. If you stuff yourself in a small hallway so the Eye can't swing around you, then you will have an easier time killing the beast. Again, it will produce magic missles, but they will be harmless as long as they bump against your shield.


- Added in 'Nearly Beta' Kitten

- Deeper spawn added in Alpha Nymph

- Nerfed in Beta Orc

- Nerfed in Version Unicorn