LOD Tardis 02


Strange character, presumably a reference to Doctor Who, hence the old school flying phone booth which would probably be the doctor's TARDIS. You can push the booth around. When killed by the Doctor, it will say you were zapped by Jean-Sebastien Royer, possibly a kickstarter request.


When attacked, will take out a blaster device (most likely a sdonic screwdriver) and will fire at the player. It has as much HP as a tevern NPC so do not attack as he will not drop any item either. 

Abilities Edit

If you give him a certain type of potion (which changes each round) he will drop his sonic screwdriver, walk into the TARDIS and disappear along with it. Going through the trouble to find the potion however is not really worth it as the sonic screwdriver only does about 14 damage and is not very rapid, but does have infinite ammo.