Deep Minotaur
Health  ?
Damage 88
Experience  ? XP
Range Large Melee
Difficulty Very Hard
Attributes Hostile
Loot Strength of The Minotaur, (potion of strength)


The menacing Deep Minotaur, a variant of Minotaur in the dungeon, is not a friendly face to see.


The Deep Minotaur, when striking, does a swooping motion, hitting thing slightly closer to the camera than it is.

With its large melee range, can hit you through most walls. This is important when you are hiding from one.

Behavior Edit

When these bad boy-bulls see you, they will charge towards you and try to strike you down with their massive Glaive-like weapon. They are very hostile and should be avoided in almost every situation. If you come across one, you should look down in the "Strategy" section.

Strategy Edit

If possible, hide behind a wall with only a small passage way. Then from that point, shoot magic missiles at the Deep Minotaur. He will probably run towards you and try to hit you through the doorway, but will not pursue you for a long period of time.