Cyclops creature card
Health ~500
Damage 19
Experience  ? XP
Range Melee+
Difficulty Hard
Attributes Hostile, far reach, fast attack speed.
Loot Unknown

Cyclopses are large humanoid monsters that reside in the mid to lower levels of the dungeon.

Description Edit

Cyclopses are large, one-eyed, hulking beasts. The green skinned Cyclopses wear brown rags in a caveman-like fashion, with a strap on one shoulder. These fearsome creatures swing their mighty clubs to attack, and fight fiercely. They usually reside within the mid to lower levels of the dungeon, but they can be found on higher levels.

Abilities Edit

No abilities other than basic melee attack, but it has a fast swing speed.

Behavior Edit

Patrols slowly, stopping constantly to observe their surroundings.

History Edit

Kickstarter demo 1 - added to the game

Field Notes Edit

Cyclopses have a good health pool with fast attack speed and reach. They become aggressive with line of sight and charge into melee swinging. They also have knockback and will push opponents. Their height will prevent them from entering smaller corridors.