Crates are wooden boxes that are used for storage. Sometimes during room generation, one or more of these objects will be generated. You can smash them with any melee weapon in order to reveal whatever's stored inside. Crates are pretty special though, as nearly anything can be found within them - gold, weapons, hats, consumables, blocks, tiny versions of monsters or boss monsters, or even another crate! Monsters can also break crates if they use melee weapons and there is a crate in between you and them. 

Like blocks, crates can be pushed around, but there seems to be no point to doing this other than jumping off of them to reach higher ledges in some of the larger rooms. Additionally, crates can be pushed into lava, but this appears to have no effect on them.


Crates everywhere!

Strange Crates, Some times in the lower levels you'll find a strange crate. It looks, like a square box, with a peculiar light from the inside. The shapes of the veins of the box look the same way as the lights of the walls that are in front of the stairs.

The texture of the box makes you think that it's made of stone.

This strange box could be found before in other versions but they were without light, and could not be breakable.

In theOrc version , when you hit this stones, peculiar things happens.

When you hit the stone, the light from the box begins to shade, the more you hit it, the less light seems to have.

If you hit them hard enough, they'll brake, and they can drop random items, or even none.

The most peculiar thing about this crates, is that when they are destroyed, all the light of the room you are in, disapears, so caution is adviced, since darkness is one of the major problems in legend of dungeon.

(More research need to be done)


Misterious indeed!