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Consumables are a type of item that is consumed when it is used. Currently, there are only three kinds of consumable items, apples, beer and potions.



Apples heal 5 HP upon consumption.

Normal Snakes can drop these; Summoned Snakes will not.

(Note: Eating Apples too quickly can result in loss of apples, waiting for 3 or more seconds between apples removes the chance of apple loss.)



Drinking Beer causes you to gain 1XP and become drunk at the cost of 1hp.

If you drop beer, Orcs and Blobs will pick it up.



Potion effects and colors will be mixed and matched differently each time, but once a potion is used the color will have the same effect for the rest of that playthrough. It is advised to clear a room, jump up on a block, and stay far away from lava before trying unknown potions.

The color of the graphical effects for consuming each potion will typically match the color of the stat affected.


(Edited to list by sequence on a color wheel)

  • Milky White potion
  • Questionable Yellow potion
  • Sparkling Gold potion
  • Brown Muddy potion
  • Rusty Orange potion
  • Blood Red potion
  • Hot Pink potion
  • Fucsia potion
  • Dark Violet potion
  • Azure potion
  • Aqua potion
  • Murky Green potion
  • Sickly Green potion
  • Lime Green potion
  • Inky Black potion

Positive Effects[]

Potion Name Potion Effects Graphical Effect
Level Up +1 level
This potion grants 1 XP more than the amount needed to reach the next level, so it is best used after a normal level up.
Heal +30 HP

Small hearts

Heal More +100 HP

Large hearts

Restore Strength Strength restored to current maximum
Strength of the Minotaur

+35 strength
This potion is obtained by killing minotaurs and is always labeled.

Stone Skin +1 defense
Speed Up Increases movement speed.
Jump Up Increases jump height.
Illuminate Increases light emitted by player.

Burst of white squares around player.

Negative Effects[]

Potion Name Potion Effects Graphical Effect
Poison Permanent -1 Strength Player vomits blue fluid.
Brittle Bones Permanent -1 Defense Player vomits purple fluid.
Slow Decreases speed

Rainbow vomit

Darken Decreases light emitted by player

White vomit

Confusion Player wanders around in random directions for a few seconds. White particles swim around player's head.
Sleep Player falls asleep and cannot move for about 10 seconds. Restores 1 health.
Fart All enemies in current room become aware of you, and NPCs may attack you. Player emits a puff of green smoke behind them.