Of the many monsters that now reside in the perplexing labyrinth that makes up the dungeon, there are some whose strength is far greater than that of the others. These creatures tend to follow similar behavior that other monsters do, but will generally deviate in their own unique ways. They are also affected by environmental and similar  affects in the same ways as other monsters. Boss monsters additionally exhibit far greater combat strength than other monsters, whether directly or indirectly. When they have been defeated, these creatures leave behind a significant amount of gold, in addition to the experience they grant.

Often, it is wiser to avoid these creatures when you come across them in the dungeon, due to the fact that sometimes the risk of engaging in combat with them is far greater than the reward.

Boss Monster Edit

Monster Name Monster
Deep Minotaur Minotaurs are giant powerfull creatures that wander through the middle levels of the dungeon, they will swing theire giant glaive at any opponents that dare show themselves to them.
Lich King The Lich King spawns Skeletons and Skeletal Warriors. Also he wields a Sword to hit people that are near him.
Vampire Boss Can't be hit in his human form. He transforms into bats that can be killed. He is defeated when all bats are dead.
Giant Skull This is your doom. He flies around and shoots violet skulls. He spawns Enchanted Skeletons.