LOD Blacksmith

Upgrade your weapon?

The Blacksmith is a room that will appear at some time in the dungeon. For a fee, the Blacksmith will apply a random enchantment to the item you are holding, when you step over the payment tile. If you are not holding any item then a random item in your inventory will be enchanted, which could be a hat you are wearing or even an apple you are carrying. Note that these can be both buffs and debuffs.

More than one blacksmith can be found around the dungeon.

In the room you will find the Blacksmith, his anvil, and his forge.

The cost for using the blacksmith is shown below him. In past versions of the game his fee was 600g, but in more recent versions (at least Beta Orc and after), it has been reduced to 25g and raises by 10g each time you use it.

With the blacksmith it seems that enchantments can scale. If you keep enchanting an item, its enchantments will get better and better. This allows you to get a sword that can make you run like Usain Bolt, hit like a truck, and jump up to the ceiling.

History Edit

- Added in Alpha Nymph

- Prices adjusted in Beta Orc

- Upgrades suck less as of Beta Skeleton