Bard creature card
Health  ? HP
Damage 25
Experience 1 XP
Range Melee
Difficulty Very Hard
Attributes Neutral, Musical, Fast
Loot Unknown

A legendary musical producer, these days the Bard spends his time playing his electrifying music to the Tavern's residents. It has been years since his days of touring the nation, so settling down and relaxing to enjoy the fruits of his labor is what he has planned for now.

The Bard's character is an in-game representation of David Dirig, who produced much of Legend of Dungeon's music. He wears a feathered cap, one of the items the player can find in the dungeon, a green robe and wields a lute.

Approaching the character in game causes him to display credits at the bottom of the screen and strum on his instrument as several small bolts of lightning burst forth. If provoked, the Bard will strike with his instrument, causing a shockwave similar to that of the Minotaur.